Visit from elementary school students

Students of the elementary school “Hasan Kikić” Gračanica, with the help of Plastex d.o.o. are able to practically learn everything about industrial production and the development of entrepreneurship.

The elementary school “Hasan Kikić” Gračanica has formed a youth entrepreneurship club for students from the fifth to the ninth grade.

In cooperation with businessmen from Gračanica, we are trying to practically present what entrepreneurship and development are, so that students are given a chance to find themselves in that process and as a final result choose their professional path, through visits to companies in Gračanica, but also through joint workshops of expert associates.

One group of students has the task to study the production process at Plastex d.o.o.

Our competent employees are trying to present the company’s range of activities in a more practical way.