The company Plastex d.o.o. was founded in 1986, in Gračanica and represents one of the most significant companies for processing of polymeric materials and production of flexible packaging in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the wider region.

The company is located in the industrial zone in Gračanica, ul. Gračaničkih gazija 23, spreading over an area of 10.000 square meters, whose structure consists of an administrative building and six production plants with supporting infrastructure.

Plastex d.o.o. has secured a significant position on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also on the market of the European Union, with a clear development path, quality business strategy, excellent organization, and a healthy work ethic.

The first production plant was built in 1996. Thereafter, better conditions for market development were created, new production plants were built and investment in modern equipment and technology was made, creating even better conditions for conquering the domestic market.

A significant milestone in the development of Plastex d.o.o. took place in 2012, when new opportunities for entering the European market appeared. Today, Plastex d.o.o. is an export oriented company that sells over 60% of its products to countries of the European Union.

Plastex d.o.o. has made significant investments in the production of paper packaging/ paper bags in 2016/2017. This investment has fully completed the production of this type of packaging, and has made Plastex d.o.o. ready to satisfy all needs of its customers.

Nowadays, Plastex d.o.o. is considered to be a large company, with over 100 employees and with annual processing of 3,000 tons of flexible materials.

The management of the company consists of very young and highly educated professionals, who are ready to effectively and efficiently respond to all market demands in the field of polyethylene and paper-based flexible packaging production.

Quality, partnership, professionalism, discipline, responsibility, expertise, as well as compassion and loyalty have made Plastex d.o.o. one of the most desirable business partners.

Thanks to these qualities, as well as being customer oriented, Plastex d.o.o. has a respectable reference list on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as on the market of the European Union.

Chief Executive Officer
Sead Terzić