🎉 We celebrated 25 years of dedicated work of our employees! 🎉

When the inspection control comes and says “I’ve been in over 100 companies, but I’ve hardly seen more orderly and better bookkeeping”, then it’s hard to add anything to her professional engagement. There is no need to talk about loyalty and true human character – that is our Jasmina Ajanović.

When the name Plastex doo is mentioned, it brings with it its synonym Amira Buljubašić. Unprecedented energy, loyalty, persistence, sacrifice and unsurpassed human character adorn our sales director. We are grateful to her that, in addition to growing and maturing her professional path, she decided to contribute to the growth and development of this company. We cannot say enough about its size and significance for the same.

Our Avdo Mulahusejnović – a true master of the flexible packaging printing machine. His skillful hands and watchful eye, even though he is disabled, gives excellent printing results on your packaging. From an ignorant farmer 25 years ago, he has grown into a top craftsman who would be the envy of all manufacturers of printed flexible packaging. In addition to his personal development, Avdo was a selfless teacher to many young generations. Grateful for that or not, it’s not Avdo, Avdo has done its fair share and is still working.
We are grateful to all our employees who contribute to the development of the company, but especially to those who reach such anniversaries. A good worker is always a valued worker, and longevity is always a confirmation of that! 🏆🎖️